About Us

How started Roll the Generosity?

We started this group with family and friends; rollthegenerosity.org is part of our registered non-profit organization: “Manos Amigas Help Org”. Either Manos Amigas Help or rollthegenerosity.org were founded with the same purpose, give a hand to those who are struggling. Manos Amigas Help was set-up in the year 2014 to work hand to hand with a non-profit organization in Mexico, to be more precise, in Santa Ana Amatlán in the state of Michoacán, organization that is being helping people since year 2001. - Más info (For the moment the information is Spanish only)

Rollthegenerosity.org started with the intention to donate used bikes to kids who don’t have one to exercise and have fun, especially in the community of Albuquerque, NM, but doing some research we found out that in the all state of New Mexico there are MANY people in need and of course, kids without a bike, and we think we can do a bit more to help.

What We Offer

Giving, is Loving our neighbors

Love means many things, we think loving our neighbors is give, give a hand; give something they need, share what we have.

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